Digital Printing

Digital Printing

Digital Printing; means the process of printing the desired image on different materials “without the need for a mould as in the conventional prints”. The advantages of the digital printing over offset printing are that it is much more affordable and much faster compared to offset printing in small volume productions.

Coloured Digital Printing

In the digitalizing world, while the printing works are resolved digitally, not only time is saved, but also high-quality prints are ensured. We supply our customers with the products they want at any time and in any number by using all innovations provided by the current technology in the field of digital printing.

Digital Roller Monochrome

In roller monochrome printing works, front and back with a width of 560 mm are printed simultaneously, cut, blended, sorted and turned into a set. We can apply high-quality monochrome printing in the quantities you want for the products you desire.
It offers high-speed printing and exceptional clarity for the book and manual industries.